FHLCS Receives New Chromebooks Thanks to Grant


Forest Hills is excited to announce the gift of brand new Chromebooks,  thanks to a generous grant given by the Lorenz Family Trust Foundation!

With the current climate of remote learning, these tools enable families and teachers to streamline their learning and ensure that students have full access to online materials.  The Chromebooks allow teachers to engage the students in zoom calls, create and utilize their Google classroom spaces, and have students submit their work digitally.  These tools will be a blessing to Forest Hills students during the COVID time of learning and beyond!  When we’re back in school face to face, teachers will still be able to have students use these devices to engage in our technology standards, preparing students for the world that awaits.

This is the second time that the Lorenz Family Trust Foundation has blessed Forest Hills with a gift.  Back in 2017, the Foundation provided a gift for a Laptop Learning Lab.  We are truly grateful for the blessing the Foundation is to Forest Hills, and to all it supports through it’s generosity!