Forest Hills Receives Grant for Outdoor School


Each year, the Sixth Grade students attend Outdoor School as part of the educational program at Forest Hills.  Recently, students have been heading out to Camp Yamhill where they have the chance to learn outdoor skills and engage in environmental learning outside of the classroom.

This program comes at an added cost to each student.  It’s something that families are made aware of each year, and yet the cost can sometimes hinder students from attending this camp.  Forest Hills works with families to ensure that no student misses out on this experience, and to date, no student ever has.

This year, a grant application was put forward to the Gray Family Foundation.  After reviewing the application, and seeing the value in the program in which the students engage, the Gray Family Foundation has decided to award a grant to Forest Hills in the amount of $7,200 – completely covering each student and chaperone who attends!  All of us at Forest Hills are extremely grateful to this foundation for their generosity, and their support of students in outdoor learning!

The history of the Gray Family Foundation can be found at  We are thankful for their support and their partnership for our sixth grade students.  Thank you, Gray Family Foundation!