Online Learning During COVID-19

FHLCS Staff Zoom

Things these days are definitely new for everyone!  As the situation around us has changed, the reality is that the delivery of education has to change too.  It is vital for our society to follow the social distancing guidelines, and to do everything possible to stop the spread of COVID-19.

At Forest Hills, we’ve developed a system of delivering academics to our students through the use of online tools.  All teachers have established Google Classrooms, which are populated with learning tools, resources, parent information, fun learning activities, physical and health education activities, and ideas for encouraging and strengthening family relationships.  While learning academic standards remains important, this is also an opportunity for children to learn other life skills that are not typically taught in the classroom.

The teachers at Forest Hills are providing a well-rounded educational experience that equips students to learn appropriate grade-level standards.  Because of the blessings God has given to us through technology, our students are still able to thrive!

Each week on Wednesday, chapel services are e-mailed out to our families.  Our chapels are given by our Association Church pastors, and include the Word of God, time in song, and time celebrating the students who have birthdays that week.

This time of uncertainty is one that isn’t simply impacting the students.  It’s affecting parents as well.  Families are feeling the stress that accompanies all aspects of the coronavirus.  At Forest Hills, we value all of our families.  We are encouraging parents to make use of the resources the teachers are providing, while first encouraging them to ensure that they are taking care of themselves and their kids.  We know we will get through these difficult times together, and we pray that God will strengthen each family unit as they stay home with one another.

At Forest Hills, the learning continues.  It looks different.  It includes all sorts of outcomes.  It continues to challenge students.  When we look back on these days, we will look back and be thankful for a community of support.  What a joy it is for Forest Hills to be part of that community.