Welcome to Forest Hills


Welcome to Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School!

At Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School, it is our joy and privilege to serve students, families, and our community. Forest Hills is an exciting place of growth and learning for all students. Each child is a special, unique gift of God, complete with gifts and talents given to them. At Forest Hills, we provide a learning environment that allows students to explore and grow within their God-given gifts, and create a vision for how they can use them in the future.

Students need specific tools as they grow and develop, and we provide those tools for them here. They need to learn all about the world around them. They also need to learn how to learn so that they can continue their journey of lifelong discovery. Through the Word of God, and our academic standards of excellence, students are motivated, encouraged, and excited to learn!

We welcome you to explore our website. Check out our open enrollment policies. Review our Curriculum Standards. Discover the extra-curricular programs that we offer. Have a look at Forest Hills. As you do, we invite you to take the next step and come and see our campus. There is so much more you will learn when you come and visit. We are waiting to hear from you – and we are ready and willing to serve!

We look forward to offering you a face-to-face Forest Hills greeting. Come and experience the Forest Hills community!