Curriculum Overview

The academic curriculum includes all elementary and middle school subjects taught at FHLCS.  In addition, we teach a formal Christian studies program based on the Bible. Current textbooks and related materials are used as resources for our curriculum standards.

Physical Education: Twice weekly physical education classes involve all students in physical activity and are led by a P.E. Teacher. Outdoor playfields and the school gym are used for this program. Students are provided opportunities for daily physical activity.

Music: Music instruction is led by a specialist in the primary grades.  Band or handbell instruction is offered to 4th-8th graders. Choir is offered to students of grades 6-8 as a fine arts elective.

Art: Twice weekly, formal art instruction involves all classes and students at Forest Hills in grades K-5. Middle school students may take art as an elective. Art activities are also integrated into various subject areas. The art classroom is housed in the Middle School Building.

Technology:  Technology is integrated across the grade levels.  Primary students utilize iPads to extend learning. Intermediate grade students have access to mobile laptops.  Middle school students are each equipped with a Chromebook laptop which they carry from class to class and utilize for homework.  FHLCS Technology Standards can be found here.

Library:  Students in grades K-5 spend time twice each week in the school library, listening and browsing through the school’s book collection.

Extra Help:  Extra help for students is available in reading and math to students in K-5 as need upon recommendation of teachers.

Primary Curriculum (K-2nd)

Intermediate Curriculum (3rd-5th)

Middle School Curriculum (6th-8th)

FHLCS Technology Standards (K-8th)