Student Dress Guidelines

The following guidelines for dress are in place at Forest Hills and are based on these standards: Neatness, Cleanliness, Modesty, Tastefulness and Safety.  The Dress Guidelines are enforced by the FHLCS staff.  If a staff member deems that a student is not following the guidelines, they have the right to ask them to comply.  Students are expected to respect the decision of the staff member. Students may be required to call home or to wear school-supplied clothing in the event something inappropriate is worn to school.

  • Shirts that bare midriffs or have spaghetti straps are not allowed
  • All clothing, skirts, shorts, and dresses are to be of an appropriate length. Exceptions to length may be made for specific events at the discretion of the administrator
  • Clothing items with inappropriate pictures, language or advertising for alcohol or tobacco products are not to be worn
  • Caps, hats and hoods are to be worn outdoors only
  • Students must wear appropriate clothing and shoes for P.E. classes
  • Earrings are allowed, yet other pierced jewelry is not–for boys or girls
  • Students’ eyes must be visible regardless of hairstyle or hair length. Students’ hairstyles must not be distracting to the learning environment. Unnatural hair color is not permitted
  • Cosmetics are appropriate for girls of Middle School age