The PTA organization came about as a collaborative effort of the Forest Hills staff and parents in the Spring of 2018. Through a series of community-building activities on a monthly basis, the larger community has generated sub-communities which work on various activities to support the school and its program. The communities include:

  • Leadership
  • Program
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Technology

The agenda for each meeting includes a mixer activity, updates on activities, and meeting time for each of the communities. All Forest Hills parents and staff members are welcome to participate in all of the activities of the PTA Community.

Currently we are looking for parents who are interested in helping run the PTA.  We have some veteran parents who are still helping out, but we are looking for new people to help take over.  The time commitment for the PTA is typically one meeting a month.

We kicked off our 2023-2024 PTA meetings with a meeting on September 22nd.  You can review the meeting minutes here including details on all the activities that are typically organized by the PTA.

For more information or to get involved, reach out to the PTA at